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30 Sep

As an introduction, if anyone reading is interested, you can read more about who I am and what I do by clicking on the ‘who is Allan T Moore’ tab above, which tells you a bit about me and my background. In short I am a lecturer in law at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). I have just commenced my 5th academic year of teaching at the University (my 3rd in a full time post).

I’ll be using this blog for a few purposes, the main of which will be:

  1. To highlight, comment, criticise or analyse changes or potential changes that have been reported in the media relating to the legal areas of interest to me.
  2. To provide information that may prove to be useful to people who study law or are employed in the legal sector.
  3. To blog on areas relating to my own legal research.
  4. To blog on other more informal subjects including my own outside interests.

Feel free to criticise or comment on anything I write, but please do so within reason. Any personal abuse, swearing or other comments containing any wording I deem to be unacceptable for valid reasons will be removed.


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