Abusive comment that unwittingly proves one of the points I made regarding conditioning / Fanaticism

03 Oct

I made the conscious decision relating to my recent posts on my resignation from the Labour Party to approve and display all comments that people have made whether positive or negative. Again, for the purposes of being honest and transparent I don’t want to only post positive comments creating an illusion that everybody agrees with me. This has had the added benefit of to an extent validating one of the points that I made; that completely entrenched, tribal voting and not considering any of the underlying context has the danger of enabling or encouraging fanaticism / tribalism.

Take, for example, the following comment that I received (it is on my original post with the open letter to Richard Leonard):

Username: Momentum – September 30, 2018 at 11:21 am

‘Fuck off and join the tartan torries then class traitor. You along with your new sepretist friends will be killed off soon enough.’


I would ask who in their right mind that has not been subject, or subjected themselves to conditioning up to the level of Fanaticism would actually make such a ridiculous post? If anybody could genuinely read and understand the detail of what I have written previously and come to the short conclusion that I can be categorised simply as a ‘sepretist‘ (sic – separatist) then they clearly are not capable of taking part in any reasonable discussion on what is a complex issue.

So thank you to anonymous user ‘Momentum‘ for helping me to prove my point. You have been very useful in helping my cause with your abusive comment. Of course if you would like to come out from behind your anonymity and debate like a rational, polite human being should, then further discussion and debate is welcomed.

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