AfriScotia is a portmanteau (when two words are combined to create a new word) created through combining the Countries of Africa and Scotia (Latin medieval word for Scotland). The name is intended to be symbolic as to the overarching aim of joining together Africa and Scotland through research, training, and cultural activities. Please look to our vision & mission statements for much more detail in this regard.

AfriScotia Origins

AfriScotia was created by Dr Allan T. Moore, an academic at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), who at the time of the organisation’s creation was the programme leader for the undergraduate criminal justice degree at the institution. As a member of the UWS Centre for African Research on Enterprise & Economic Development (CAREED), and their Centre for Culture, Sport & Events (CCSE). Having worked for UWS since 2007, Dr Moore had links with Africa prior to becoming an academic, with three cousins who are equally Scottish and Nigerian through the marriage of his Scottish uncle and Nigerian Aunt.

Professor Gayle McPherson (Director of CCSE), Oluwasei Aina (PhD Student), Dr Allan T. Moore at CCSE Seminar, February 2020. Photo Copyright Univeristy of the West of Scotland.

Following an undergraduate law degree (with first class honours), and further postgraduate qualifications gained, a major part of Dr Moore’s PhD (on arbitrary justice processes) included a comparative study which included analysis of the justice systems of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Eswatini (then Swaziland), Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

On employment with UWS, Dr Moore initially had a role as lecturer in law, before moving sideways to take up a position as lecturer in criminology & criminal justice. In 2017 he became the programme leader for that degree. In addition, Dr Moore has had a range of contracted roles with Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen), University of Westminster (London), De Montfort University (Leicester), Glasgow Caledonian University, and London Southbank University, between 2010 up to the present day. Throughout his career, Dr Moore has maintained a focus on Africa, with experience ranging from participating in international extradition proceedings in London, to being invited to carry out activities or speak at international events in the Netherlands, Kenya and Rwanda.

Dr Moore has extensive experience of research and training in the African context, including on the ground experience ‘in country’ on a variety of projects. Several of these are listed in the Past Work section of this website.


Your presence, and your invaluable contribution… allowed us to successfully organize this important conference

Amb. Jean Pierre Karabaranga – Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to the Netherlands, May 2019

We appreciate the valuable knowledge and vast first-hand experiences that you brought to the panel discussions and group work as well as in the informal sessions

International Centre for Peace,
Human Rights and Development in Africa, February 2020

AfriScotia – Connecting Africa & Scotland

Condition of Engaging AfriScotia in Research, Training, Mediation or Other Activities

Please note that the services are provided by AfriScotia and its founder, Dr Allan T. Moore, acting in a personal capacity. Neither AfriScotia or Dr Allan T. Moore are or shall be deemed to be acting as agents or employees or representing in any way the University of the West of Scotland. Accordingly, you and your company, by accepting the services:

(i) acknowledge that the University of the West of Scotland has no responsibility for the services; and;

(ii) is deemed to have waived any right or entitlement to pursue or instigate any claim or action against the University of the West of Scotland for any injury, loss or damage you or your company may sustain as a result of AfriScotia or Dr Allan T. Moore undertaking the services for you or your company.

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