Publications and Research



The LSS consultation from a student viewpoint, SCOLAG 350, 267. 2006

Legal Education: a response from the child in the custody case, SCOLAG 350, 265-267. 2006

Book review of Restorative Justice, Self-interest and Responsible Citizenship, SCOLAG 380, 159. 2009

Book review of Young People, Crime and Justice, SCOLAG 384, 263. 2009


Violence – An inevitable outcome following the 2014 Scottish Referendum on Independence; completed and submitted for publication to German publication ‘Hard Times’ – due for publication spring 2015

Emotive Statements and Bias Created by both judicial and Legislative Representatives; An examination of absolute privilege and its appropriateness relating to impartial persons or those with a specific agenda;

Defining Contempt of Court; Misconceptions of common law contempt in Scotland;


Transitional justice study trip to Rwanda being undertaken in March 2015. Whilst there I will be visiting prisons, courts, police facilities etc. and speaking to both victims and offenders related to the 1994 genocide. In addition there will be talks from a number of high profile delegates. I have completed a lengthy literature search and review in advance of the trip and have specific research aims linked to victims and justice, and the relationships between international and local justice strategies. I am aiming to create a significant body of literature in both written and verbal form to prepare for publication and dissemination throughout 2015.


The Higher Education Academy – Disseminating Innovative Practice, Impact and Networking, Edinburgh, Thursday 24th April 2014; Demonstrating Impact – Poster Presentation, Allan Moore, University of the West of Scotland.

The Higher Education Academy – Disseminating Outcomes of Teaching Development Grant Projects in Scotland, Paisley, Thursday 30th May 2013: Disseminating practice and the benefits of undertaking a Teaching Development Grant project, Allan Moore, University of the West of Scotland.

The Higher Education Academy / Scottish Higher Education Employability Forum – Disseminating Innovative Practice, Edinburgh, Tuesday 19th February 2013: Learning via traditional academic methods versus learning by observing professional practice, Allan Moore, University of the West of Scotland.

The Higher Education Academy 3rd Scottish Legal Education Conference, Edinburgh Wednesday 23rd November 2011: Legal Education: Skills and Engagement; The Mini Trial Project: Engaging Pupils and Students in Mooting, Allan Moore, University of the West of Scotland.

Assisted with organisation of 80th anniversary of Donoghue v Stevenson international conference held at UWS, May 2012.


Participated through invitation in BBC Radio 5 live on-air debate on Russell Group proposals relating to reducing the budget deficit in Higher Education with Gabby Logan, May 2010


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