Publications and Research

Journal & Media publications

(Submitted, under review) Moore, A.T. (TBC) Sustainable peace in Rwanda: Intersections between Law, Justice, Governance, Education, Culture, Security and FAITH, Journal of African Conflicts and Peace Studies, Florida

(Submitted, under review) Moore, A.T. (TBC) The role of the judiciary in cases of contempt of court in facie curiae, Juridical Review, Edinburgh

Moore, A.T. (2017) President Kagame’s Re-election – An Opinion from the Global North, The New Times, Rwanda –

Moore, A.T. (2017) A Tribute to Jean Sayinzoga, The New Times, Rwanda –

Moore, A.T. (2006) Legal Education: a response from the child in the custody case, Scottish Legal Action Journal 350, p.265-267

Conference Keynote:

Moore, A.T. (2015) Victims’ perceptions of justice / The Role of Faith in Reconciliation, Veritas Forum: ‘It’s Not Fair’, 29th April 2015. Tilburg University, Netherlands *2

Conference Full Paper

Moore, A.T. (2017) Sustainable peace in Rwanda: Intersections between Law, Justice, Security, Governance, Education, Culture, and FAITH, ‘Rebranding Research for Sustainable Development’ conference, ‘Re-Positioning Arts, Humanities, And Social Sciences for Sustainable Development’ stream, 14th-16th June 2017, Kigali, Rwanda

Moore, A.T. (2017) Strategic planning for durable peace: The role of effective disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of ex-combatants as part of the process, and lessons to be learned from MDRP and TDRP in the Great Lakes Region, ‘International Conference on Peace, Security and Social Enterprise’, 16th-19th May 2017 Nairobi, Kenya.

Moore, A.T. (2016) The role of the judiciary in cases of contempt of court in facie curiae, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Jurisprudence stream, 6th-10th September 2016, Oxford University

Moore, A.T., Kaitesi, U. & Mugaga, E. (2015) The Rwandan post-genocide strategic legacy: Successes, failures, and transferrable aspects of justice and education, University of Rwanda International Research Conference, 7th-9th October 2015, Kigali, Rwanda

Moore, A.T. (2011) Law and Criminal Justice Education: Skills and Engagement: The ‘MiniTrial’ project: Engaging pupils and students in mooting and other mock courtroom exercises, HEA 3rd Annual Scottish Legal Education Conference, 23rd November 2011, Edinburgh

Conference Poster and Other

Moore, A.T. (2015) Policing vulnerable people and places when the entire population is vulnerable: Policing post-genocide Rwanda, International Policing Conference, Scottish Institute for Policing Research, 26th November 2015, Edinburgh

Moore, A.T. (2014) Demonstrating Impact in Teaching, Higher Education Academy Conference, 24th April 2014, Edinburgh

Moore, A.T. (2013) Learning via traditional academic methods versus learning by observing professional practice: Indications and Emerging Issues, HEA Disseminating Innovative Practice Conference, 19th February 2013, Edinburgh

Book Reviews:

Moore, A.T. (2009) Young People, Crime and Justice; Roger Hopkins Burke, Scottish Legal Action Journal 384, p.263

Moore, A.T. (2009) Restorative Justice, Self-interest and Responsible Citizenship, Lode Walgrave, Scottish Legal Action Journal 380, p.159

Media Interviews:

Interviewed as part of panel by Gabby Logan on BBC Radio 5 for section on Russell Group proposals to reduce the budget deficit in Higher Education, May 14th 2010


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