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Compulsory retirement at 65 in the UK ends

As of today, the option for employers in the UK to invoke compulsory retirement for anybody that has reached the age of 65 has been taken away. Although The Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) Regulations 2011 ( came into force on 6th April this year, employers still had the option to invoke compulsory retirement on giving six months notice to any employee that would have been 65 prior to 1st October (today). With this date now passing, workers can no longer be forced to retire on grounds of age alone.  In fact, for those seeking guidance, for an employer to even approach an older worker and offer them retirement based on their age could potentially be classed as discrimination on grounds of age – it’s a bit of a ‘grey’ area….

This is especially good news for UWS, as our department Professor, Angus McAllister is beyond 65, and for the past few years there was a worry (he himself was concerned) that he may be asked to retire. For the development of our forthcoming LLB degree this would have been a disaster and potentially rendered the task impossible. With his place at UWS guaranteed for as long as he decides to stay, it is a real positive for the law department.

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